5 Unconventional Ways to Find New Patients

As a dental or orthodontic professional, patient care is your priority. But getting the word out about your unique oral health services and patient-focused dental health is a tall order. You’ve read all the advice about using social media, paid ads, and mailers to attract new patients. However, what you really need are some fresh and maybe even unconventional ideas to inspire your marketing efforts. So today, we’ll share five ways you can attract new patients that may fall outside the norm.

1. Dental & Orthodontic Press Releases

Don’t presume the press release is obsolete or only really applies to new offices or ribbon cuttings. In fact, you can do press releases about your dental practice all year long, as long as you do them correctly. Use headlines that matter to your target audience based on the services you provide. Here are a few examples that are headline-worthy and can help promote the services new patients would value most.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Is Growing in Popularity
  • ABC Dental Now Has 3D Imaging!
  • Local Dentist Says Patients Can Say Goodbye to the Drill

2. Get New Patients with Blogs (Yes, Blogs)

With the rise in popularity of blogs, dentists have been able to use this social media platform as a way to create an online presence and advertise their business. In addition, blogs can be updated regularly with new content that will educate patients on dental health care topics such as common dental problems or ways in which they can improve oral hygiene at home.

Many dentists also include information about when they last treated a patient, with what type of procedure, and whether or not there were any complications from the treatment.

Including these details may help patients feel more comfortable getting treatments from the same practice again because they know that if something goes wrong, there is someone who knows exactly what happened in the past that can help them solve any problems in the future. A blog can be a valuable tool for dentists to attract new patients and provide information about their services in an easy-to-understand format.

By having a successful blog, many patients will feel more at ease with visiting their dentist when they are in need of treatment.

3. Reviews Aren’t Unconventional But Getting Them This Way Is

It is important for dentists and orthodontists to focus on getting positive reviews because it will make their business more successful. A dentist’s objective in a dental office is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in order to put patients at ease. 

The office staff can also be helpful when answering any questions that may come up about the treatments that are being offered. The dentist needs to have a well-established reputation so patients know they can expect quality care when choosing them as their dental provider. 

Dentists should also offer special deals or incentives for people who refer their friends and family members, making it even easier to generate more business. With these types of initiatives in place, it will be easier than ever before for dentists to grow their client bases and increase revenue.

4. The Referral Program Really Works

Referral programs are successful marketing tools that can be utilized by dentists and orthodontists to generate more business. Dental services referral programs provide incentives for people who refer their friends and family members, which is a way of showing appreciation for their support. Referral Programs also allow the dentist an opportunity to offer deals or discounts on treatments so they can save money while making money at the same time! By using these types of initiatives, it will be easier than ever before for dentists to grow their client base and increase revenue.

5. New Patients Love Membership Perks

Membership programs eliminate the insurance problem by allowing your office to keep patients in their appointments who would otherwise have canceled due to a lack of insurance. Patients believe they cannot visit the dentist unless they have insurance, and they are certain that out-of-pocket expenses for dental treatment are too expensive. The membership program demonstrates to patients how much it may cost them. And let’s face it. Patients love membership perks.

If your business goal includes attracting new patients, try some of these more unconventional ideas. And if you need help with your website, digital marketing, or just want more patients right now, let Awareness Business Group help!

Marcus Wendt

Chief Executive Officer

Marcus helps lead and grow companies from the ground up. He has a proven track record. His experience is diverse with expertise in sales, branding, marketing, automations, manufacturing, building teams, managing operations, sourcing suppliers and outsourcing to offshore locations.