What Can 50+ Years of Collective Experience Offer Your Business?

Awareness Business Group was founded to do one thing – Show Fellow Business Owners the Path to Success.

It’s no secret that when business owners venture out to follow their passion, they run into common challenges. Here are the real problems:


Any advice or solutions always come with strings attached and price tags.

Small businesses can’t afford expensive consultants and often rely on the word of subpar vendors, marketers, and partners.
No one wants to have to rely on permanent partnerships or long-term outsourcing to grow their business.

We faced the same challenges you’re facing now. And we have made it our mission to provide all the real-world business experience advice, strategy, and solutions businesses like yours won’t get from other consultants.

What you need is one group of experts who can address EVERY challenge you have now and help you devise a self-sustainable method moving forward.

What if you could get the solutions you need and the strategy to operate as a well-oiled machine, without having to marry an agency to do it?
You need the no BS and results-driven approach of Awareness Business Group.

What Would You Ask a Fellow Entrepreneur?

Ask Marcus

Want to pick the brain of a scrappy and successful entrepreneur who also happens to be a global business-preneur? Talk to the ABG CEO, Marcus Wendt about how to start from scratch and build a dominant brand. Ask him for strategic advice about achieving your first $1 million in revenue. Get the qualified, actionable help you need, with the occasional f-bomb, and speak general to general with a proven leader who’s ready to offer the enthusiastic and fierce honesty you need to hear right now.

Ask Uzair

Want to connect with an ex-IRS accounting professional who can tell you what mistakes you might be making with your company taxes and bookkeeping? Meet Uzair, the former IRS auditor who now works with businesses of all sizes to fix their accounting mistakes and reinforce tax compliance. From tax risk management to payrolling employees, Uzair offers years of real-world accounting solutions for startups, small businesses, and scaling brands. Want to know if you’re leveraging every available tax credit? Recently receive an IRS notice? Looking for a better accounting partner for business tax filing? Show Uzair your books and see how you can minimize tax liability and stay on the right side of the IRS.

Ask Harshit

Want to talk tech with a Chief Web Officer and explore how to bring your company website to life in innovative new ways? Get technical with Harshit Bhootra and unleash your creative intuition with how you engage customers. With expertise in the very latest technologies, Harshit can help you harness incredible solutions. You could be one conversation away from transforming your online web presence. Looking for new forms or plug-ins? Think your web’s user experience needs an upgrade? Get the expert web development advice you need to take full advantage of what your website should be providing.

Ask Nico

Want to connect with a revolutionary graphic designer who understands the difference between “pretty” and “results-driven engagement?” Have a conversation with Nicolas Acosta, a brilliant designer who can transform visual assets into pure gold. Want to create a library of infographics for email campaigns or social media? Need to build case studies with visual representations of work well-done? Looking for inspiring new ways for your customers to experience your brand? With all the industry best design tools and a keen eye for imagery that inspires, Nicolas can create logos, design assets, and turn boring, yawn-inciting marketing into incredible emotional connections.

Ask Dan

Ever want to sit down with an engagement enthusiast who actually knows social media? Chat with Daniel Schmidt, our go-to genius for brilliant posts, customer-inspiring reels, and brainstorming sessions that result in dynamic campaigns. Starting a company Facebook profile? Need automations to help capture new social leads? Need a better YouTube channel presence? Let Daniel walk you through everything you need to know about building a profile, growing your audience, and squeezing every last opportunity out of every channel.

Pick Our Brains for Free

Yes. We know our shit. And we’re big enough to tell you when we don’t.

Our team is selectively composed of a global team of professionals, unique with industry experiences and credentials you’d probably pay thousands to consult.
Pick the brains of a few of our most dynamic personalities to see how you can begin transforming your business.