Carpet Cleaners Are Losing Money Because They Don’t Know How To Grow Their Businesses.

Challenges of Being A Carpet Cleaner

Most carpet cleaners do not have a structured plan in place to grow, which means they don’t know who their ideal client is, they don’t have proper branding, pricing and a myriad of other important pillars in place.

They spend money on all kinds of marketing (digital & offline) without a well defined strategy that proves ineffective and leaves the company dry without cash. This has caused many carpet cleaning companies to fail in business.

A Proven Pathway To Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Company

Our workshop will teach you how we helped build carpet cleaning companies to reach high 6 figures in sales by:


Having a well designed brand


Providing exceptional customer service


Using offline and digital marketing strategies (face to face, networking, SEO & email marketing)


Using paid advertising


Having the ability to hire the right techs


Being a great leader

With breakout sessions and live Q&A at the end, you’ll learn about what works and what doesn’t so you can build your own successful carpet cleaning company with no guesswork involved! There is no better way than learning directly from a team that has been to hell and back and still became successful.

Monster Streamer

Industry: Carpet & Floor Care Cleaning
Location: San Diego, CA
Brand Upgrade Year: 2020

Hybrid Pro Cleaning Services

Industry: Carpet & Floor Care Cleaning
Location: Palmdale, California
Brand Upgrade Year: 2021

Paragon Commercial & Residential

Industry: Carpet & Floor Care Cleaning
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Brand Upgrade Year: 2021

What You Will Takeaway From This Workshop

You’ll find a deep sense of purpose, inspiration and an unshakeable belief in your entrepreneurial abilities to realize that you are absolutely capable of building your carpet cleaning business from the ground up.

For A Limited Time, Get Access For


30 Seats Only

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The team at Awareness Branding & Consulting are PHENOMENAL! Often times you see advertisements that promise you a lot and deliver very little – this is not the case with this company. I, without much expectation, requested a review and redesign of my company logo. I did not offer a lot of ideas for the design. With a quick consultation, the team went to work. They are experienced and knew what to look for. For example, they visited my website and social media to learn more about my brand. After not very much back-and-forth I was provided with a logo that I am proud to rebrand with. Trust them, they will work until you are happy! THANK YOU!!”

Francisco Sanchez, Co-Founder
Paco Pops

“At first I did have my doubts, but I think the hardest part was to admit that I was wrong and Marcus was right about redoing my brand. A great deal of thanks for convincing me to change and redo it. I’m glad I went through with it and I’m glad I reached out to you guys. I’ve seen many other brands and nothing ever stuck out to me until I saw some of the ones you guys did. I’m ecstatic because my new branding is already attracting the type of customer I desire to work with. If you’re looking for someone to help with your branding, marketing or anything related to growing your business, then don’t look any further and reach out to Awareness Branding & Consulting and let them help you. You won’t regret it!”

Irving Rendon, Owner
Rendon Carpet & Floor Care

Rare Restoration & Roofing
4665 Park Vista Blvd Unit C
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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