Case Study for Monster Steamer

Executive Summary:

When a San Diego-based carpet cleaning service reached out for help with their branding, the owner knew his brand needed a facelift. What he didn’t see coming was the true partnership that sprung up between him and ABG’s founder – Marcus Wendt. Today, Ludo remains steadfast in his belief that finally finding the right partner is what changed the game for both him and Monster Steamer.
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Monster Steamer opened its doors and launched a word-of-mouth campaign in 2010. Once a small roster accumulated, Ludo knew it was time to scale – and he knew he had to do it strategically if he wanted to set the stage for ongoing growth. This is where we jumped in.

Case Evaluation & Proposed Solution:

Monster Steamer needed an authentic and memorable brand that could stand up to competitors, impart reliability, and inspire customer loyalty. To achieve this, we developed a strategy that included:
Business strategy and development consulting
Compelling brand story development
Memorable logos, engaging messaging, and user-friendly website design and architecture
Robust digital marketing strategies, including email marketing
This process yielded an invaluable, hand-in-hand partnership between Marcus (At ABG) and Ludo (at Monster Steamer) that continues to grow year after year.


By the end of 2021, Monster Steamer had increased its annual revenue by just over 130% in three years. The company isn’t stopping there, either. Monster Steamer is on track to double that in 2022. Once this goal is realized, the company will have secured its position as the leading residential and commercial cleaning service in San Diego.
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Takeaway: “I was hitting $300k and thought I was good. I didn’t realize we could do better. Until Marcus and ABG got involved and challenged me to hit the really big numbers.”

– Ludo