Case Study for Fresh Folded Laundry

Executive Summary:

When a laundromat reached out for help with introducing the business to the community, Awareness Business Group was ready for a challenge. The results were revolutionary.

Brad, a military veteran, started his entrepreneurial journey with his wife (and six little helpers) to bring a new laundromat service to Charles Town, West Virginia. He had all the unique service elements in place, including convenient drive-thru and commercial equipment.
Brad knew he had to launch his business the right way, and he needed a plan.


Fresh Folded Laundry first opened its doors on September 1, 2021. This business startup, given the nature of the continued effects of the pandemic, already faced unique challenges. The company would need to be strategic about introducing his brand and value proposition. To ensure a successful launch and ongoing growth, Awareness Business Group stepped in to help develop the multi-faceted plan.

Case Evaluation & Proposed Solution:

What Fresh Folded Laundry needed was a roadmap to successful development of a new brand, affordable marketing strategies, and a plan to reach its target audience.

Awareness Business Group delivered a robust plan that included:

Compelling brand story and voice
Multi-channel message engagement, including EDDM campaigns
Development and integration of digital assets, including logo and website
Development of non-digital assets, including van wraps and brochures
Streamlined customer service process for internal teams to deliver incredible experiences
With this collaboratively strategized roadmap in hand, Fresh Folded Laundry was able to launch successfully, within budget and on-target.


By year’s end, Fresh Folded Laundry had already banked $110,000 in sales revenue. And it wasn’t a one-off step in the right direction. Fresh Folded Laundry is on point to track $400,000 in revenue for 2022. And the dominant local competitor has almost faded from public view altogether.

Brad McGuire
71-F Jefferson Crossing Way, Charles Town, WV, 25414