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Your Why

Businesses Stagnate Because They Lose Sight Of Their Why

When you lack understanding about your own businesses’ purpose beyond profit margins and fail to answer the question “Why Am I In Business?”, a series of unfortunate events will ensue:


Poor Execution of Marketing Strategy


Poor Branding & Lack of Online Presence


Lack of Innovation and Creativity


Poor Leadership


“Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2020″

Business Reality Check


Fail In The First 2 Years


Fail In The First 5 Years


Fail In The First 10 Years


Make It To Over 15 Years

Making Money Doesn’t Count As Your Why

When you know WHY you’re in business, your chances of success skyrocket and your ability to inspire and make a difference increases.

Let us help define what’s special about your company so that you will stand out from the competition.

Brand Who You Are

You Have The Story, We Can Tell It 

It’s unfortunate, but ugly or poorly-done branding is one of the most common challenges business owners face.

Your brand strategy goes beyond your visual portrayal–more than that, it’s a means to express why, how and what you stand for.

The good news? We have the solution! It may sound complicated at first glance… but fortunately we’re experts in this field.

Marketing Drives Action

Finally, A Marketing Team That Performs

Most business owners have felt defrauded by false promises, so-called “Gurus” and agencies who don’t know what they’re talking about.

The truth is you can’t sell anything without some form of marketing–and it needs to be done right if you want your products and services to thrive.

That’s why our team exists: to help create all the inspirational messages, build effective campaigns and implement them across various platforms aimed at your cold and existing customer audiences. Click to learn how we do this!

Business Strategy That Works

Real World Experience

Overcome Challenges

Sadly, the world of consulting is littered with people who are either scam artists or wannapreneurs.

Nothing should be taken as truth from them unless verified by an outside source! 

We know what it takes to keep a company moving because our team has launched successful ventures before; but don’t just take our word for it – click below to find out how we do what we do best!

Build A Solid Platform

Custom Web & Mobile Dev

Many start-ups make the same mistakes when it comes to web and mobile app development. They trust developers blindly, spend thousands of dollars on apps that end up being a mess and never receive a finished product.

Our lean method of development, transparency and thorough processes ensure that realistic time frames and costs are clearly communicated. We deliver exactly as expected. Click below to learn more now!

Reach More People

Automations Bring Results

Unfortunately, the average business owner is forced to spend hours of their day manually searching, mining and contacting leads or pay heavy fees for advertising.

We have a better answer! Let us help you reach more people on a daily basis through automations. Reduce your cost per lead acquisition, scale faster and have more conversations with potential customers. Click the button below to find out more!

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The team at Awareness Branding & Consulting are PHENOMENAL! Often times you see advertisements that promise you a lot and deliver very little – this is not the case with this company. I, without much expectation, requested a review and redesign of my company logo. I did not offer a lot of ideas for the design. With a quick consultation, the team went to work. They are experienced and knew what to look for. For example, they visited my website and social media to learn more about my brand. After not very much back-and-forth I was provided with a logo that I am proud to rebrand with. Trust them, they will work until you are happy! THANK YOU!!”

Francisco Sanchez, Co-Founder
Paco Pops

“At first I did have my doubts, but I think the hardest part was to admit that I was wrong and Marcus was right about redoing my brand. A great deal of thanks for convincing me to change and redo it. I’m glad I went through with it and I’m glad I reached out to you guys. I’ve seen many other brands and nothing ever stuck out to me until I saw some of the ones you guys did. I’m ecstatic because my new branding is already attracting the type of customer I desire to work with. If you’re looking for someone to help with your branding, marketing or anything related to growing your business, then don’t look any further and reach out to Awareness Branding & Consulting and let them help you. You won’t regret it!

Irving Rendon, Owner
Rendon Carpet & Floor Care

“If you are ready to stop playing and take your business to the next level, then this is the company for you. When those cookie cutter websites, logos, and DIY marketing materials just don’t cut it, call Awareness Branding & Consulting. Their team delivers professional results. I strongly recommend their services if you’re ready to add value to your company and take it to the next level.”

Ruben Estrella, Owner
Hybrid-Pro Cleaning Services

“This company & team did an outstanding job on our logo. If you haven’t contacted them yet you missing out! We started out with zero idea as to what we would like our logo to look like. Further discussions with Marcus & the Awareness Branding & Consulting team lead to a magnificent logo in less than two weeks. Can’t contain how satisfied my business partner & I are. Thank you guys!”

Lucius Perron, Owner
Big Lucius Seafood Transport

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced business owners who have launched and built successful ventures in other industries. Our experts are your back-up partners – they’ll help you execute, solve any problems that arise and provide guidance to make sure everything goes smoothly!

Marcus Wendt
Chief Executive Officer

Harshit Bhootra

Harshit Bhootra
Chief Web Officer

Nicolas Acosta
Chief Design Officer