This First Roadblock
Costs Most Companies
33% In Revenue

A roadblock that prevents you from becoming an industry leader, landing your ideal customers, attracting great talent and building trust.

What’s The Roadblock?

Your Lack of Purpose

Your entire messaging, sales and marketing efforts seem half-assed when you don’t know what your company stands for and until you overcome this roadblock, you can’t grow your company.

Your purpose should be clear, concise and compelling so customers can understand why they need to choose you over your competitors.

So what is it that drives you? The reason WHY your company exists?

“People Don’t Buy What You Do,
They Buy Why You Do It”

– Simon Sinek

3 Risks of Not Knowing
Your Purpose

Bad Branding

You lose credibility and trust. You can’t blame customers for doubting you if your brand has no cohesive image. They will choose a competitor with a more consistent brand appearance that inspires trust.

Poor Messaging

It attracts the wrong type of customer. You’ll never get paid what you’re worth if your messaging is inconsistent. You’ll only attract the cheapest price shoppers, not the customers who value your skills, credentials and experience.

Unqualified Team

When your company has an unclear purpose, you attract lower quality staff members with a high turnover rate. If you want your team to be as committed to your business as you are, then they need to feel inspired to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

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Everyone Does This

Business owners are told to hire a design agency to build their brand. In a perfect world, that branding agency will create an identity for your business that sets you apart, reflects what you stand for and communicates your vision.

Here’s What Really

The majority of branding agencies lack a deep understanding of their client’s business and ideal customer. They don’t properly position the company to grow once their brand has been designed.

A beautiful design is no longer enough to sustain the customer’s attention.


Prospects form an opinion about a business within 50 milliseconds. Within those 0.05 seconds, a potential customer will decide if they want to stay or leave.

Pretty Logos & Designs
Don’t Drive Sales


Customers say authenticity is key when deciding what brands they want to hire


Potential employees won’t work for a company with bad branding


Customers must be able to trust that your brand is going to do what’s right

Cookie cutter websites, logos and
DIY marketing materials just won’t cut it.

If you don’t communicate the purpose of your brand then you will fail to inspire loyalty from your staff and customers. The result? A failed company!

What are the best product and service-based businesses like yours doing to fix this?

Our years of experience has shown us that successful companies do these 2 things first to quickly grow their sales.

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