What Digital Tools Should Electrical Contractors Be Using to Grow?

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The electrical contracting space is chock-full of competition. And you know the only way your company can stay ahead is by providing quality electrical contracting services at an incredible value. But today’s leading electricians know, too, informing and engaging the target audience is an entirely different landscape.

Word of mouth is still king. But how consumers and potential clients share information, research contractors, and make purchasing decisions is entirely online. So, what digital tools are you using in your company strategy to improve efficiencies and connect with customers? Today, we’ll share electrical contracting specific initiatives and digital solutions worth considering.

Arming Your Electricians with Better Tools

If your field technicians, engineers, and estimators are still using outdated tools and resources, they’re not delivering to their top potential. Sure, retooling an entire team can be costly, but it’s an investment worth considering. Maybe it’s adopting job order handhelds, better estimating software, or project management resources; arming your teams with the best will ensure they continue to deliver their best.

Better Digital Solutions for Customer Engagement

Another angle and general area of improvement for electricians and electrical contracting companies is customer engagement. How are you communicating with customers and project partners now? Are you still using paper trails and signatures that could be improved with digital tracking and e-signatures? Are you still playing phone tag with general contractors or commercial clients when you could be getting immediate, digital approvals and feedback? Look for ways to incorporate more efficient online resources to save time and improve productivity.

Electrical Contracting Software Is a Must

The days of hauling around clipboards to the job site and presenting paper estimates are long gone. And even now, more than ever, residential and commercial customers alike want comprehensive, digital details about their projects. So, if any part of your bid, estimating, project management, or invoicing is lagging behind, investing in a quality electrical contracting management software is a must. Additionally, these resources are great for providing actionable data ongoing, so you can track and manage operations by making key decisions rooted in analytics.

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Better Client Acquisition and Sales

How well is your company doing with landing new business? Is your company brand building awareness, and is your website generating new leads? Are you email marketing your cold and existing customers database? If you’re not entirely sure, or you think you can improve the sales and client acquisition process, it might be time for a better CRM and other sales automation tools.

 How you attract and funnel new leads will determine your company growth and success. And there are digital solutions and online tools, designed specifically for bid-centered, service-providing companies like yours, to work 24/7 at bringing in leads with a “set it and forget it” management effort.

The right CRM and outreach software can ensure your electrical contracting company continues to be top-of-mind for your target audience, whether it’s residential homeowners or industrial and commercial clients. Chances are, too, your competitors are using them and siphoning leads right out from under you.

Entrepreneurial electricians and electrical contracting firms alike know the importance of streamlining operations with the smart use of digital solutions and tools. Consider some of these ideas to help make improvement decisions with your operations. And if you’re still not sure about CRMs, let Awareness Business Group shed some light on the subject. We understand your industry and the ever-changing nature of client acquisition strategies. We can help you be selective about what to adopt and what to avoid, so you can keep growing in this online services environment.

Marcus Wendt

Chief Executive Officer

Marcus helps lead and grow companies from the ground up. He has a proven track record. His experience is diverse with expertise in sales, branding, marketing, automations, manufacturing, building teams, managing operations, sourcing suppliers and outsourcing to offshore locations.